OM PURNAM by Bada Haridas
CD music album: Chandra Media

Introductory words on inside album cover by Graham Schweig

Over the centuries music has been the most powerful and natural means for expressing the soul's love and longing for the divine.

The Sanskrit words in the title of this volume, Om Purnam, are the first two words drawn from a verse that invokes the Totality of Reality as Om and the Supreme Fullness of Being as Purnam, taken from one of India's ancient philosophical treatises, the Upanishads.

The sacred sounds and lyrics of these songs invoke the very heart of this Supreme Being, the innermost dimension of divinity, known by the name Krishna. The contemporary arrangements mixed with traditional melodies and instrumentation, along with beautiful singing, bring out the irresistible sweetness of these Sanskrit and Bengali songs. This music soothes the heart and inspires the soul.

Bhakti is the path of offering one's whole heart to the divine. Bada Haridas' voice is imbued with bhakti, and fills one with an abiding serenity while stirring a sacred passion for the divine from deep within the soul. In each selection, the soul's yearning for divine love can be experienced, providing an enticing entrance into the world of bhakti.

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